Journal of Cell and Tissue

Instructions for Author

Journal of cell and tissue is the first official journal of Arak University being published since 2010. This peer-reviewed journal is a quarterly publication covering all areas of cell and tissue researches. The journal welcomes articles reporting original research, review articles and short communications. Articles appear in a Persian full text accompanied with an English abstract. This journal aims at rapid publication of research results while maintaining the quality of journal in regard to the significance of published materials.


1. Type of articles

A. Original articles are scientific reports from original studies. The article consists of abstract (English and Persian including aims, material and methods, results and conclusion) key words, introduction, material and methods, results, discussion, conclusion, acknowledgements and references.

B. Review articles written by experts in their field and with references to their own published works (at least 3 articles). The article should have at least 30 references and consists of abstract (introduction text and conclusion), key words, introduction, text, conclusion, acknowledgments and references.

C. Short communications are the articles containing new finding. The sections of this type of articles are similar but shorter than the original one.

2. Submission process

A. Cover letter: The manuscript must be accompanied by a cover letter, signed by all authors. The letter should be sent to the editor in chief and state that the manuscript has not been published previously nor submitted simultaneously else where.

B. Manuscript preparation:Manuscript should be type in wood 2007 or 2010 in a size of at least 12, double spaced, with margins of at least 2.5 cm (1 inch). Each manuscript should be arranged in the following sequence:

Title page: Including full title, full name (s) of authors, highest academic degree, affiliation(s) of all authors, full postal address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail  of corresponding author and running title with a maximum 50 characters.

Abstract and keywords: Abstract, should be in structural format as mentioned above. Abstract should not exceed 250 words. The abstract should be followed by a list of 3-5 keywords chosen from the Medical Subject Heading (MeSH).

Text: Original articles should be divided into sections headed: Introduction, Material and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion and Acknowledgments.
References: The references should be cited by numbers in parenthesis e.g. (12) in the order in which they are first cited in the text. Include the names of all authors when four or fewer; when five or more, list only the first four names and add et al.

Examples of references:

 1. Book:

Bloomf Fawcett, A. Textbook of histology. 12th Ed. Now York: Chapman & Hall co; 1994.

2.  Book chapter:

1. Young N.S. Aplastic anemia, myelodysplasia, and related bone marrow failure syndromes. In Bruounwald  E, Fauci AS, Kasper D.L, Hauser SDL, Longo DL, Jameson JL,(eds). Harrison’s principles of internal medicine. 15th Ed. New York: MC Grow Hill; 2001; 692-706.

3. Journal article:

1. Goorash SS, Esmyot ML, Boojhawon R.The health impact of non- hazardous solid waste disposal in a 1- community:the case of the Mare chicose landfill in Mauritius. J Environ Health.2009; 72(1): 48-54.

٭Citation to electronic web site (s) is not allowed.

٭Citation to unpublished researches is not allowed.

Tables: Tables should be submitted as text (not as illustrations) and in a word document format on separate pages. Each table should be assigned an Arabic numeral, e.g. Table 4 in accordance with the order of citation in text and in separate pages.

Illustrations: Micrographs should include a scale bar. Each figure should be assigned an Arabic numeral, e.g. Figure 2 in accordance with the order of citation in the text. The figures should also be sent to the journal website in tiff or Jpg format with 300dpi resolution.

Ethical considerations: (Human and animal):

Ethical considerations must be addressed in the material and methods section. 1) State that in formed consent was obtained from all participants. 2) Include the name of the appropriate institutional review board that approved the project. 3) Indicate in the text that the maintenance and care of experimental animals complies with National Institutes of Health guidelines or those of your Institute for the humane use of laboratory animals.


3. Manuscript submission:

All manuscripts should be sent as  online submission to the Journal website: http//

٭ All published article are available on the journal website.